Around 25 students of 1950 MBBS batch of our college gathered from all over the country and celebrated a nostalgic golden jubilee get together on 16th December, 2000. They felicitated their teachers Dr. J.N. Pohowalla, Dr. Chamanlal Nagrath, Dr. W.P. Thatte, Dr. G.C. Sepaha and Dr. N.Dube. They also went to the houses of Dr. B.B. Ohri and Dr. R.P. Dhanda to greet them Since these professors were not able to attend the get together due to their ill health.

It was a touching moment when students having crossed their 60s felicitated teachers passed their 80s. Every one present in this historical get together witnessed an emotional scene of teacher-student relationship Dr. g.C. Pahadia, Dr. V. Bobra, Dr. Sitendu bose Dr. Nakra, Dr. C.S. Gandhe and Dr. K. Salgia worked together day and night to trace their classmates and organise this function. Dr. P.L. Dhand, Dr. Mrs. S. Bose and Dr. Manohar Bhandari oversaw the organisation of the programme.

Dr. S.K. Mukerjee, Indore
Padma Vibhushan
Dr. Beamount, Indore
Rhinoplasty in the world
Dr. B.C. Bose, Indore
Dean of MGM Medical College
Dr. R.R. Rishi, Indore
Superintendent of MYH
Dr. C.S. Ranawat, USA
Surgeon on whose name the operation is named
Dr. Magbool Bhatt, Shrinagar
Minister (J&K)
Dr. C.S. Wagle, Indore
IMA National President
Dr. N.S. Laud, Mumbai
President, national Orthopacdic Association
Dr. M.C. Nahat
Dean, G.R. Medical College Gwalior, Member Public Commission, National Vice President of NSPB & MAB, written book in Hindi on subject of Public Interest.
Dr. N.R. Bhandari, Bhopal
President, Indian Academy of Paediatrics
Dr. B.C. Chhaparwal, Indore
Vice Chancellor (DAVV)
Dr. B.N.S. Walia, Chandigarh
Director Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh
Dr. R.K. Shrivastav, Poona
Director of Medical Education (Maharashtra)
Dr. V.K. Agrawal, Indore
Director of Medical Education (M.P.)
Dr. P.N. Shah, Geneva
Represented WHO & Uniseff
Dr. C.S. Yadav & Dr. Mrs. Bhakti Yadav
Couple of MGM, Indore
Dr. Nivsarkar, Punchagani
Represented in Test Cricket
Dr. Y. Yadu, Bhopal
Gallentry Award in Army (Posthumously)
Lt. Gen. Kocher, Poona
Highest position in Army, Medical - Core
Dr. P.N. Sharma, Delhi
Highest Donar to the Institution (Scholarship 1 Lac per year)
Dr. T.P. Sharma, Bhopal
Director, Health Service
Dr. Mrs. Nihalani, Mumbai
Lady Dean, Nair Medical College, Mumbai
Dr. P.S. Hardia, Indore
Highest No. of Radial Keratotomy in the World.
Dr. B.D. Chaurasia, Gwalior
Recognised Test book of Anatomy
Dr. Ashok Bordia (Swami Brhameshvaranand)
To become Sanyasi Denounced the world, Ramkrishna Mission,
Dr. Pranav Pandya, Haridwar
Head of Religious Organisation (Gyatry Mission)
Dr. S.K. Pandey, Liverpool, U.K.
Received the Nighthood in London.
Dr. V. Jandyal, Edinbergh, U.K
Prof & Head, Dept of Gynace, University in U.K.
Dr. R.P. Dhandha, Indore
Started Keratoplasty in India,
Dr. R.M. Agrawal, USA
Received Hind Ratna Jewel of India (NRI Award of Gov. of India, in USA)
Dr. Mrs. S. Inamdar, Indore
Lady with Ministerial Status.
Dr. Ashok Walia, Delhi
Helth Minister Delhi State (At Present)